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Sentara Martha Jefferson - Maternity



We know having a baby is a very important event in your life, and we want you to be able to share your joy with family and friends. While you are in labor, you may designate two to three primary support people, who will receive identification bands allowing access to labor and delivery. We suggest keeping to just two to three support people in the room while you are laboring, as having large numbers of people in the room can make it difficult to relax and focus on labor.

Once you are on the postpartum unit, family and friends are welcome to visit unless you tell us otherwise. For your safety, visitors must check in at the front desk of our secure unit. Personnel at the desk will contact you on your room phone to verify that you are currently ready for visitors.

Healthy children may visit the postpartum unit if the delivered mother so desires. For the safety of the child and the care of other patients, children under 12 must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult (other than the patient). Children whose behavior is disruptive will be asked to leave.

Your stay with us is relatively short, and you will want time to rest and recover from the birth experience. In the weeks before your delivery, you might want to consider who you would like to visit you while you are in the hospital. You may want to ask that only your closest family and friends visit you in the hospital, and that co-workers and other visitors wait until you are home to visit.